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My Practice

Hello and welcome! I am Dr. Katy Stanfill - a clinical psychologist who uses the science of evidence-based interventions integrated with the art of human connection, compassion, and validation in order to propel my clients to impactful change that is congruent with their goals.  In addition to informing you on what I treat (anxiety, depression, trauma, sleep difficulties, emotion dysregulation, grief, life imbalance), I want you to know a little about my values and my approach to therapy.

My Values

· I believe therapy is a collaboration.  You and I both must be committed to the process and therapy relationship in order for therapy to be effective. I believe in the importance of a “good fit” between a client and their therapist.  I want you to think critically about what your goals are and what style of therapy would be best for you.  My clients often describe my style as authentic, down-to-earth, validating, knowledgeable, and direct. 

· I believe the concept of dialectics (def: two seemingly opposing things can both be true) is fundamental to the therapy process. A fundamental dialectic for therapy is that of acceptance and change.  Often, we need acceptance for change to happen.  And lack of acceptance can block our ability to change.  Sometimes we focus so much on acceptance that we neglect opportunity to change.  Therapy is a dance between, around, and through both acceptance and change. 

· Many people who come to therapy have previously been told, “they just need to smile more” or “acknowledging pain is just being weak” or “just try harder.”  In my experience, this invalidating narrative often increases suffering and leads to amplified problems. My antidote to this is to utilize a bio-social conceptualization and a non-judgmental, skills-based approach to therapy.

· Another cornerstone of my therapy practice is the concept of adaptation. As humans, we must identify what is serving us well in the current moment.  Often, what helps us survive or thrive in one life circumstance (past or present) or environment can become problematic in another.  It is critical to develop awareness of what strengths, skills, or traits are helping us evolve and thrive- and which are creating imbalance and suffering- and then make meaningful changes toward what serves us.


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