The Seattle Clinic is a growing community of experts in mental healthcare committed to providing leading-edge evidence-based therapies for clients, while cultivating a collegial atmosphere that facilitates lifelong learning, professional development, and work-life balance. 

Our Clinicians

As providers, we share a common aspiration to continually improve our therapeutic practice and expand our expertise over the course of our careers. At The Seattle Clinic, we are uniquely poised to do so through consultation, collaboration, and training with our resident colleague experts. We recognize and value each other's professional autonomy and encourage self-determination of work-life balance and independent professional ambitions.

Our Clients

Our clients come to us seeking treatment for a wide variety of concerns. From individual adults, to couples, children, parents, and full families, we provide behavioral health care rooted in science and brought to life in genuine relationships where both clients and therapists are fully invested. Whether engaging in individual therapy, couples work, group-based treatment, long- or short-term therapy, our clients discover quickly the value of working with experts whose hearts are in the game.       

Our Community Values

Practice & research

We practice evidence-based care incorporating the latest research in the field. Our clinicians collaborate in ongoing research in order to improve the effectiveness of our treatments and share that knowledge with the world.

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We believe that ongoing consultation is a cornerstone of effective evidence-based practice in behavioral health. Treatment consultation and rounds are an integral part of every clinician's work at The Seattle Clinic.

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We seek to develop future generations of highly skilled clinicians in order to improve overall quality and access to behavioral health care throughout the Seattle area and beyond.

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Our Philosophy

The Seattle Clinic is a synthesis of several essential, yet often opposing, values. In the therapies we offer, the community we cultivate with our therapists, and the mentorship we offer trainees, we believe wisdom often lies in the merging of divergent philosophies - that something much more powerful emerges when the complementary is sought and actively developed.  

Real Relationships. Sound Science. The Seattle Clinic holds at its core an intentional contradiction: a clinic where the science of psychology stands on equal footing with the very human art of psychological treatment and practice. We offer evidence based treatments for some of the most prevalent mental health concerns facing children, adults, couples, and families, and do this with heart. 

Providers drawn to the Seattle Clinic community are, one on hand, experts in these empirically supported treatments, and on the other hand, driven to show up authentically, with their skin in the game, cultivating life-changing relationships with each of their clients. 


The Meeting Place of Autonomy & Community. We are a community of therapists who prefer the freedom and flexibility that comes with running our own independent practices. At the same time we recognize the invaluable benefits derived from a tightly knit professional community. We choose to house ourselves together under one roof to create a professional community defined by the common values of lifelong learning, collaboration, professional contribution, and individual growth. We celebrate one another's professional autonomy and success while encouraging one another to honor our own definitions of work-life synchrony.  



Integrated Training with Depth & Breadth. The Seattle Clinic aims to improve client outcomes by continually enriching therapist passion via ongoing in-house trainings, collaborative practice, case consultation, and high-quality research. All members of our community contribute to each other’s development by offering annual training workshops or case conferences, as well as ad-hoc consultation in their particular areas of expertise. Our aim is for all community members to benefit from the breadth of our collective knowledge-base, building mastery in new areas of practice over time.


Post-doctoral fellows and pre-doctoral students: We believe that “one-size-fits-all” does not, in fact, “fit all” when it comes to professional development and training. Our first goal in working with our trainees is to support them in tuning into and discovering their own professional vision and values. As their goals come into focus, we help hone the skills and courage necessary to realize their vision.

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