Family-Focused Therapy (FFT) for Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder profoundly affects the lives of those who experience it, as well as their families. Research has shown that family environment plays a major role in how the disorder manifests, and that families can provide a powerful support to individuals (especially for children & teens) as they develop skills to manage their condition and live a fulfilling life.

Family-Focused Therapy (FFT) is a treatment approach that is typically provided in conjunction with standard pharmacotherapy for bipolar disorder. FFT focuses on increasing understanding of the nature of bipolar disorder, improving family communication & problem-solving, and decreasing patterns of interaction that place the individual at higher risk of relapse. In treatment studies of adolescents with bipolar disorder, FFT for adolescents has been shown to provide quicker remission of depressive symptoms and fewer depressive symptoms over the long-term.

Dr. Andrew Fleming provides FFT for children, teens, and young adults and their families. He received specialty training in FFT from the primary treatment developer, Dr. David Miklowitz.


Empirical Support

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Popular Press

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Brochure on Bipolar Disorder in Children & Teens by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) (pdf)