The Incredible Years® Program

Do you have a child who struggles with impulsivity,

emotional extremes, or challenging behaviors?


There is no shortage of advice and opinions regarding how to deal with these difficult behaviors. Many families we work with have tried long lists of strategies and read multiple books, yet still feel overwhelmed and unsuccessful at dealing with their child’s emotions and behaviors. Often times, parents are well-informed regarding specific techniques, but have difficulty effectively executing these strategies amidst the stressors of daily life.

We see the potential in all the families and children with whom we work. We understand that the same child who tears apart the clinic office in one moment can is the same child who later melts your heart with his affection and creativity. With each family’s strengths in mind, we provide research-based structure, support and tools to effect concrete change in their child’s behaviors.

With over 30 years of research support, the Incredible Years parent program takes a positive, relationship-based approach to reducing and managing challenging behaviors and facilitating emotional regulation development, while strengthening family relationships.

The group format of the Incredible Years reduces the isolation many parents feel. Parents build relationships with other parents who are also struggling to raise kids with challenging behaviors. Finally, caregivers establish a common language and approach to co-parenting their children with their parenting partners, which reduces inconsistency, distress, and conflict in the family as a whole (whether in single or dual-home situations).

The small group format of the concurrently running child group (Dinosaur School) allows children to learn and practice emotional coping, problem-solving, and peer relationship skills with in-the-moment coaching from therapists in a fun, dynamic setting.

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Upcoming Groups

The Incredible Years® Parent and Child (Dinosaur School) Programs (ages 4-8 years)


Fall 2019

Wednesdays, 3:30pm-5:30pm

August 7th - December 11th



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