Mary Loudon, PhD

Co-Founder of The Seattle Clinic



Address: 1700 Westlake Ave N, Suite 400 | Seattle, WA 98109

Phone: 206-769-2052


60-minute sessions (individual & couples): $245


Depending on your eligibility, your insurance may reimburse you for a substantial part of my fee as an out-of-network provider. Please contact your insurance to inquire about your out-of-network coverage and limits for individual psychotherapy or couples therapy.

My Practice

My therapeutic approach arises from the integration of two overlapping viewpoints on human experience and suffering: the empirically-driven functional contextual science that has been changing the landscape of psychology over the past 20 years, and perhaps the more human wisdom - now substantiated by science - that powerful, authentic therapist-client relationships are keystones to healing and change. 

What comes through when I sit with you in a session is a synthesis of head and heart: techniques and treatment methods that have been shown effective for treating specific problems, as well as my complete presence, empathy, compassion, emotions, and humanity. You will not be interacting with a professional veneer, instead you will be invited to to risk with me in developing a mutually vulnerable and real relationship. It's reasonable to ask why we would do this considering that historically and still in the present day so many therapeutic approaches leave the therapist herself or himself out of the equation. There are a variety of answers already available, and more constantly emerging from the field of interpersonal neurobiology: our minds, emotions, immune systems, bodies and brains are all heavily influenced and shaped in the short term and long term by the relationships and attachments we enter, and the extent to which we experience attunement and empathy in those relationships. 

I place emphasis on the genuine relationship I create with each client and work within the relationship, in every session, to help my clients move away from old habits into new, more effective behaviors that bring them into closer alignment with their chosen values. This means that instead of therapy feeling like a series of "pre-fab" interventions, my clients tell me they experience therapy as dynamic, energetic, personal, and collaborative. Session time is typically balanced between a focus on the problems you've been encountering "out there" during the week between our sessions, and a focus on the behaviors that are happening in the moment between us. When your in-session behaviors or experiences relate to struggles you've had in your outside life, we'll use the opportunity to try out new ways of being and relating.  

In couples therapy, I begin by helping partners move away from blame and resentment by recognizing the ways in which they have co-created their experience of the relationship, with each partner playing a role in the dynamics that have brought them to therapy. Along the way, we unearth each partner’s deepest needs and emotions that underlie their day-to-day conflicts and longstanding disappointments. During each session I actively assist partners in identifying and expressing their more vulnerable emotions, and strengthen critical relationship skills that cultivate emotional safety, intimacy, a secure attachment bond, and an experience of being accurately seen and loved. Partners who struggle to be emotionally present will have the opportunity to gradually approach their own and their partner’s emotions, and will be coached in responding to their partner’s vulnerability with their own reciprocal vulnerability. Sometimes through the process of this work, couples will discover a potential they had never imagined possible, and in other cases, couples may discover that they cannot meet each other’s needs and may choose to part. In either case, the space we create allows these paths to be fully explored within a context of honesty, courage, and insight.


My practice is currently full and I am not able to accept new clients at this time. Occasionally new spaces open up and I am able to bring in a new client from the pool of new patient inquiries I have received.  If you are interested in the possibility of working with me in the future, you may provide more information about yourself and the reasons you are seeking therapy.  If it appears that you would be a good fit for a spot that opens up in the future, I will contact you at that time to discuss our options.

Because I believe it is important for every person to access therapy as soon as possible, please also reach out to other clinicians at the Seattle Clinic who may have openings, or visit Seattle Psychology , Greenlake Therapy Group, or Associates in Behavioral Health.

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